Chi siamo

We would be a market place. We use the conditional because the market place, by definition, is a commercial place where supply and demand meet, the market square where sellers display their goods and buyers take them home satisfied, the HiTech stock exchange, the Wall Street of the regenerated.

We are a bit of this yes, but not only.

We would also be a personal shopper, because we guide the consumer to the best possible purchase, through the selection of the most reliable sellers and the best performing products.

We accompany it not only in the digital store, but also outside, because our service doesn't end with payment. It continues by offering the peace of mind of an immediate and lasting guarantee. We are with the customer at his home, upon receipt of the product, because if it does not conform to expectations or has defects, it can be returned, obtaining a refund of the entire amount, and we are with him even when he goes to sleep, guaranteeing him a peaceful sleep for the 30 days following, the trial period in which the "satisfied or refunded" clause is in force.

We tuck in the safety blankets with our guarantee, but we don't tell fairy tales. Only reality. Certain, economic and convenient realities.

We are this, but not only.

We are this, but not only.

We would be partners with companies with proven experience, reciprocated by our twenty-five years of experience, to which we offer, in addition to a large and branched catchment area, the certainty and punctuality of payments.

We are also this, of course, but not only that.

We would be Samarkand, the crossroads that unites two parts, like the city where China and Europe met on the silk road.

And we would be "Samarcanda" also understood as a song. Evergreen, so are we. Indeed, forever green, always committed to respecting the environment and careful to reduce the ecological impact of technology with regenerated products.

We are also this. We are the present and the future of many conditionals. Reconditioned.

Definitely, our Mission

Safe for the buyer.

Every choice on our site is safe, even if you don't know the seller or have no shopping experience with him. We selected it, based on parameters that offer certainty on the quality of products, deliveries and assistance. In any case, however, we are the ones who guarantee the security of the purchase, so that the customer can be satisfied.
Increasing trust and desire for refurbished devices is "definitely" our mission.

Safe for the wallet.

The savings in the purchase of a refurbished product are considerable and the transaction takes place in complete safety, thanks to our certified financial partners.

Safe for the seller. is a showcase in the city centre, in front of which thousands of customers pass by, attracted by the glitter of quality, safety and savings. Guaranteed, then, is punctuality in payments.

He takes care of... the planet.

Definitely, our Mission